Every year, more than 18,000 tons of "dead" batteries are tossed into landfills, mercilessly left there to ooze heavy metals into water and soil. Luckily, this is a problem with a simple solution -- and Umbra's advice will recharge you.

For more info about how and where to recycle batteries, visit Rechargeable Battery Recycling [http://www.rbrc.org/consumer/] and Earth 911 [http://earth911.com/].

Ask Umbra on recycling batteries [http://www.grist.org/advice/ask/2003/10 /28/umbra-battery/index.html]

Easy ways to cut your energy use, one day at a time [http://www.grist.org/feature/2007/11/05 /Today/index.html]

Made to Break reveals the roots of our throwaway culture [http://www.grist.org/advice/books/2006/ 06/29/grossman/index.html]


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