Are you unfortunate enough to have a climate denier in your life? Do you suffer uninformed (or even worse, Fox News informed) opinions like;

"The climate's changed before and it'll change again… it's natural!"

"Greedy, dishonest scientists conspire to deceive us so they can steal more funding for their fake climate research!"


"Drill, baby, drill… whooohooo, 'Merica!"

If you're bombarded with that last one… it's probably best to cut your losses and move on, but most people can be reasoned with. All it takes is a well thought out response based on solid science.

The good folks at Grist in collaboration with Climate Desk have produced this handy, dandy flowchart that will help you inform uniformed citizens and destroy the most annoying and outrageous climate deniers. This flowchart is your secret weapon. Save the link, print the flowchart and carry it with you... keep it nearby. You never know when you'll need it!


Click here to view a larger image... and if you'd like to dig deeper, check out for an expanded list of arguments posed by climate deniers along with detailed, science based responses.

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