The X-treme X-360 is the most popular scooter for a reason. Some electric scooters are big and bulky like a moped, or too small and more like a toy. The X-Treme X-360 Electric Scooter is the "Jack of all trades", and definitely provides the most uses. The X-360 is light enough for older and younger riders to ride safely, and comfortably. The abundance of features that you have to buy for other scooters, are built in and standard equipment on the X-360. The X-treme X-360 is capable of carrying the rider at up to 18 miles per hour, for 15-20 miles distance on one single charge. There is a locked storage bin behind the drivers seat that is great for transporting sandwiches, books, drinks, and other small necessities. The rear drum braking system is great for stability and safe decelleration. The drivers seat is very padded and comfortable. The trunk and ignition share the same keys so there is added safety of keyed locks and ignition. The X-Treme X-360 Electric Scooter is very well rounded and can be used by almost every age range. I recommend the X-360 to riders from the ages 10-80 years old.

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