Our latest installment of our Eco-Friendly Transportation series, features the much loved Go-Ped ESR 750 Li-Ion Electric Scooter.

The ESR750 Li-Ion is a new take on the Go-Ped ESR750EX . It takes the standard module and upgrades it with modern, light weight, long range Li-Ion batteries. Depending on the model, the Li-Ion batteries consist of 2, 3, or 4 25.9V Li-ion polymer battery packs. These batteries don’t take up as much of room than the SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries in the ESR750EX and Hoverboard. This scooter’s weight and deck width is reduced, making it have a low standing height. This is one of the sleekest, light-weight, highest range electric scooters on the market!

The ESR 750 Li-Ion comes with all the great features set up on the ESR750EX, too. It's powered by a 1000+ watt advanced technology Go-Ped electric motor that offers high-tech performance and reliability. Awesome acceleration with speeds up to 20 mph, and out of this world hill climbing ability are par the course with this Electric Scooter.

The Go-Ped ESR 750 Li-Ion has a low center of gravity, steady ride and enormous maneuverability. It's tremendously tough, dependable and very straightforward to maintain. Ground-breaking and high quality features are plentiful with the Go-Ped ESR 750 Li-Ion, like carefully designed ergonomic controls, powerful "Mad Dog" disc brakes, a built-in smart charger and an ultra-modern programmable controller. The dual performance feature lets the rider chose an "Economy" or "Turbo" mode to go either "twice as far, half as fast", or "twice as fast, half as far". This gives you absolute control over your choice of speed and range. The ESR 750 Li-Ion's lines are simple yet elegant.

The molded "motorcycle style" rear fender gives it an aerodynamic look and super cool sense of style. The fit-n-finish on the Go-Ped ESR 750 Li-Ion is impressive! It's beautifully engineered down the smallest facet and built using only the best components. Whether you're taking control of your commute or heading out for adventure, the ESR 750 Li-Ion electric scooter is eco-friendly, quiet, cost pennies a day to charge and a fun way to bypass the price at the pump!

Go-Ped started the motorized scooter craze over 20 years ago and has been innovating the most high-end, pioneering and refined scooting machines ever since. Go-Peds are made in the USA and the company is world renown for its dedication to Go-Ped perfection.


For more information click here: Go-Ped ESR 750 Li-Ion Electric Scooter


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