Sigourney holds her ground in hostile territory. You go girl!!! Sigourney Weaver expertly takes control and moves her focus from the high budget sci-fi film "Avatar" to her passion project about ocean acidification "ACID TEST". Sigourney begins: "Avatar, has an environmental message, but I'm really here today to talk about the narration I did for a small documentary called "ACID TEST". The host's are left scrambling to turn the topic back to Avatar and end up with some amazing awkward moments as Sigourney raises...

carbon dioxide awareness.

FOX: "So how can people see "ACID TEST"?"

Sigourney: "They can go to ( and watch the film. It's actually a brilliant film and it is very simple, and very articulate, and very clear. This is not a question of philosophy or theory -- it's all observable effects on the ocean."

FOX: "Alright, Sigourney Weaver, an actress, and now the narrator of "ACID TEST", thank you so much for joining us."

Sigourney: "My pleasure."

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