Get off your Gass! It shouldn't cost 5 bucks to go 5 blocks. Electric scooters are the easiest way to get off your gass and, save money at the same time. I found this video online, and it is great! . Instead of getting in your car, starting it, warming it up, going to the store just blocks away, stopping, starting again, driving back, and parking your car, simply get on an electric bike, and cruise to and from the store. Save money on gas, while smiling............... the whole way to the bank, passing frustrated motorists on your way to and from work. If everyone would buy one of these for short trips, we could reduce greenhouse gasses, and help the earth by releiving our dependency on foreign oil.

Get out of your car and enjoy your commute. This is liberating and life changing.

To purchase, go to:

Make a conscious effort to be aware of your rate of consumption, and what you can do to minimize that rate.

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