What better way is there to get to know the neighbors and enjoy the scenery then a ride on a local Pedal Pub? Bicycles are a versatile option for people of all stripes, and nothing illustrates this like this beautiful collection of images that was put together by OccupyEducated.org. These cyclists are using their bikes in unique and innovative ways, and because of it, they are helping out the environment, getting healthy and getting their tasks completed. 

People tend to prefer cars over bikes, even for short distance commuting, because of their convinience. But they lose out on something important when they go for what's easy. One writer from Sustainable Cities Collective explains why: "automobiles are all about getting fromone point to another in the shortest time possible, and while it can be very convenient to use a car sometimes, we trade a big trade interms of "human scale, connectivity, land use efficiency, urbanfabric, complete streets…"

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