These X-treme XB-300Li electric bicycles are the new mopeds, but only without the gross pollution of two-stroke engines. The mopeds from the early days were hard to pedal, and the two-stroke engines that were used create more pollution than 30-50 four stroke automobiles combined!! (-Two Strokes and You're Out-) The X-Treme XB-300Li is a powerful 300watt Lithium Ion powered Electric Bicycle that comes equipped with a rear hub mounted 300watt motor. This electric motor produces virtually no emissions and has enough power to carry a rider for 20-25 miles distance at speeds up to 20 mph. The XB-300Li is a regular bicycle when you look at it and the pedals are setup like traditional bicycles, so you can shift gears and ride around like you would on a regular bicycle and use the electric motor when you would like some assistance. Your range is unlimited if you only use the electric motor when you need extra help.
With the help of Shimano 7 speed gearing, and 7 lightweight Lithium Ion batteries, the X-treme XB-300Li is a very conventional and lightweight electric bicycle for everyday commuting. The front RST Capa t7 hydraulic forks are great for absorbing the different terrains and making every ride more comfortable. Because the XB-300Li has pedals and goes 20mph or less, it can be ridden anywhere that a traditional bicycle can be ridden legally. The front and rear disk brakes are very powerful, and are better than caliper style brakes for stopping at high speeds. The XB-300Li's charge time is 1-3 hours so you can usually charge the bike at your destination if needed, and it will be ready to go when you are. I recommend the X-Treme XB-300Li to anyone that can ride a bicycle. This e-bike is very user friendly, and functions fine as "just a bicycle", and as an electric bicycle.

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