Repower America members from all across the US stood up for clean air and put forward their photos and videos in support of the Clean Air Act. This new video is a way for us to communicate that we won't stay silent in the face of big polluters.

Since it's passing in 1970, the Clean Air Act, has been a major tool that helped reduce air and water pollution, not to mention a means to stand up to big polluters.

However, if we don't act now this legislation could be done for. Currently, it is facing attack from all sides: big oil, dirty coal and their allies in Congress who would like to see the law crumble; threatening our health and our quality of life.

We need...

more people to join the fight to protect the Clean Air Act, and that’s why Alec Baldwin, Kris Kristofferson and thousands of others have come together to create a new video to help get this important message out.



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