x-treme-xmb-420e-electric-scooterWhen I first laid eyes on X-Treme's new XMB-420E Elite electric mobility scooter, I thought “That's the Rolls Royce of scooters! Me want, now!”

Perfect for anyone, and seniors who don't want to feel that they are stuck riding in a disabled person's chair, the XMB-420E is a sleek and stylish choice for those needing a mobility scooter. What's more, it's a socially responsible choice, which is perfectly in line with my core beliefs in trying to make less of a carbon footprint on this poor, worn out planet.

The XMB-420E is powered by a 400 watt electric engine that sits out of the way in an enclosed housing under the seat next to the batteries. It offers a huge amount of power for the rider, with a 24 volt, 20 amp cell battery pack. You can easily reach a top speed of up to 12 mph, and to for 31 miles on a single charge.


The XMB-420E has plenty of muscle to handle the occasional uphill, and can take a 15 degree grade with grace and ease. Handling is a breeze with the XMB-420E's ultra responsive steering, and it can turn tight corners with no problem at all, making it an ideal choice for doing local chores about town in a stylish manner.

Coming to a stop is easy. Just let off the throttle and the internal motor brake is automatically applied, meaning you won't have to apply a separate brake to bring the XMB-320 to a full stop. At once, I saw that this feature alone would inspire a sense of safety and confidence in any rider.

Let's talk comfort for a moment. I found the cushy seat to be a wonderful experience, and it's got two arms as well, making the rider feel safe and snug in the seat as they ride around town. The large 16” wheels all around and great suspension makes for a smooth trip too.

One feature that anyone using this scooter for trips to the local store for is the basket, located directly behind the seat. This makes shopping a real breeze, as you won't have to lug an extra basket around with you to shop. When not shopping, you can use the basket to hold the things you may need later on in a ride, like a coat, a small picnic basket or ice chest full of goodies, and more.

Source: X-Treme XMB-420E Elite Three Wheel Electric Scooter on PR.com

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