black rock solar burning manYou have never heard of “Burning Man”, then you aren't being as artsy smart as you think you are!  “Burning Man” is an annual event that is second only to Woodstock. This where people gather each year to celebrate their crafts and designs, giving life a beauty that can only come from heart felt art. So what does the 60s concert have to do with today's art festival? Well more than you may realize, but only cleaner and probably safer.

In the 60s, people were all about “Make love, not war” and  “Peace”. It was the era of racial riots and Vietnam and “us against the man” protesting. Then came Woodstock. Bringing thousands of people together in a farmer's field. They listened to music that is still popular today. They shared make-do beds, they shared food, they shared each other and they found peace, if only for 3 days.

Today, with “Burning Man”, it is a crazy desert art festival and party of thousands of people in the middle of the Nevada desert. People are getting on air planes and driving 100s of miles to attend this huge art festival and be a part of all things beautiful to make the world beautiful and clean with environmentally safe objects. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it?  Be environmentally conscious while driving your gas powered car or flying on a plane putting out emissions that are polluting the skies.
Those in charge and they loyal returning fans are looking for ways to make “Burning Man” a green gathering of art creators and art lovers. Instead of electricity, attendees are encouraged to rent the solar panels from Black Rock Solar. This is a Nevada born company that has affiliated themselves with the annual art festival and are hoping that those who attend will take this green effort back home with them.

Who can go anywhere without their cell phones these days? This includes anyone attending “Burning Man” and to keep everyone charged up while being green.  The company Snow Koan Solar is there, keeping cellphones and laptops charged by solar energy, they also give out snow cones! What a delicious way to cool off while your life line is getting charged up.

The downside to going green is the cost. Nothing in life is free and that include going green. Each camp within “Burning Man” will need to pay for their solar energy, but when we look at the broad picture and how things are going to be later own, its an investment in our future. If everyone can take one solar way of living from the “Burning Man” event home with them, the footprints we leave will get smaller and smaller.


Photo: Black Rock Solar

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