In today's installment of Zaproot, the beautiful Jessica Williamson greens the Easter bunny. That's right, Easter goes green!


Considering recent voting trends, you might not expect green and religion to go hand in hand.  Not true! Check out these great links to faith based environmental organizations.

Keep an eye out for the sperm inspired Aptera. Edmunds gives the Aptera a thumbs up and odd looking body style aside, I agree.

Here's a quick reference to the laundry list of links mentioned in the video;





UN Conference

Sustainablog - Easter and Faith
Mormon Green
EcoChildsPlay - The Incredible Edible Egg Dye
Natural Egg Dye 1
Natural Egg Dye 2
Natural Egg Dye 3
Fair Trade Easter Baskets
Make Your Own Basket
Plastic Bag Grass
Recycled Paper Cards
EcoChildsPlay - Eco Stationary
Stubby Studio Natural Art Supplies
The Daily Green - Easter Recipes
Organic Fair Trade Easter Chocolate Bunnies 1
Organic Fair Trade Easter Chocolate Bunnies 2
Crafting a Green World - Handmade Toys
Bunny Shaped Food
EcoChildsPlay Untested New Chemicals
Cosmetics Database
Edmunds - Aptera 2e Test Drive
Open Sources Cars 1
Open Sources Cars 2
Open Sources Cars 3
Goblin Velomobile 1
Goblin Velomobile 2
Gas 2.0 - Rinspeed iChange Car

Jess at the United Nations

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