Are you unfortunate enough to have a climate denier in your life? Do you suffer uninformed (or even worse, Fox News informed) opinions like;

"The climate's changed before and it'll change again… it's natural!"

"Greedy, dishonest scientists conspire to deceive us so they can steal more funding for their fake climate research!"


"Drill, baby, drill… whooohooo, 'Merica!"

We at Terra Alert are participating in Blog Action Day with an important reminder about the importance of providing everyone with clean and safe water. Please visit the Blog Action Day website here:

Imagine walking miles in sweltering heat while carrying heavy and burdensome loads just so you and your family can partake in something many of us take for granted: having safe clean water to drink.

This new PSA from features Jennifer Connelly dragging around a large fuel can to Central Park containing questionable water so her children can have something to drink. This video is an attempt to help the more privileged of us understand the true measure of a plight that effects all too many.

According to CharityWater "one in eight people in our world don’t have access to the most basic of human needs. Something we

As part of GE's ecomagination campaign, Howcast has brought the stars of YouTube together to create innovative eco-themed videos that put "green" in a whole new light. During the month of October, your favorite YouTubers are soliciting ideas from you, their friends and followers. They'll each pick their favorite suggestions, film them, and post the resulting videos on their channels -- and give you a shout-out if they use yours!

The program will benefit Charity Water, a nonprofit that brings clean ...