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In today's installment of Zaproot, the beautiful Jessica Williamson greens the Easter bunny. That's right, Easter goes green!


Source: Aquaman ~ Ocean Defender
Make Your Easter Eco-Friendly

Green Tips for Easter Baskets, Eggs and More

So much about Easter, sadly, has become commercialized and mass-produced and hardly eco-friendly. So forget shopping at the big-box retailers or dollar chains: there are more environmentally responsible ways to create decorations and baskets of goodies for the children.


Want to save the planet, but don't know how? Stop breathing. Don't reproduce :)

Nikos is an inspiring 10 year old that has written and directed a fantastic video about climate change called "Save It".

Nikos gives me hope for the future. He's an intelligent, passionate kid with empathy and understanding beyond his years. A child so driven by concern for our future he channels his time, passion and creativity into a message he hopes will inspire change.

Then I see the negative comments and ratings given to this message he's poured his heart into... and simply put, I'm pissed the f*ck off.

His Mother, Nicole Hansen, is a friend of mine on myspace. She wrote me last night;

Thanks so much for your supportive comments on youtube. I can't tell you how the 3 stars rating has really gotten him down after working a whole year on getting the