Nikos is an inspiring 10 year old that has written and directed a fantastic video about climate change called "Save It".

Nikos gives me hope for the future. He's an intelligent, passionate kid with empathy and understanding beyond his years. A child so driven by concern for our future he channels his time, passion and creativity into a message he hopes will inspire change.

Then I see the negative comments and ratings given to this message he's poured his heart into... and simply put, I'm pissed the f*ck off.

His Mother, Nicole Hansen, is a friend of mine on myspace. She wrote me last night;

Thanks so much for your supportive comments on youtube. I can't tell you how the 3 stars rating has really gotten him down after working a whole year on getting the video done. People are so incredibly nasty...

This isn't right. I know youtube is trolled by a hoard of knuckle dragging jackoffs with nothing better to do than shit on people, but still... THIS ISN'T RIGHT!

We have the power to do something about it! You, me... and all 12,000 or so of my eco-friendly friends. Are you with me? I don't want you to read this thinking, "Oh how nice, people are going to come together and fix this." PEOPLE aren't going to fix this... YOU are going to fix this. If you personally don't take action on this nothing will be done.

I want you to visit Niko's video ... right now. Give it a 5 star rating... add a positive comment... give a thumbs up or a thumbs down on existing comments where appropriate. Enough "thumbs downs" on negative comments will hide or remove them!

BTW... here are some of the comments being posting;

* Global Warming is Bull Shit
* Appropriate that this "message" is brought to us by a 10-year-old, since it's only children or people with the minds of children that actually believe in the "global warming" nonsense. Oh well, I guess after many people find out that Santa Claus and the Easter Rabbit aren't real, they need something else to believe in.
* 10 years old. How do we know his parents or other people didn't feed his mind about how bad global warming is? If it's global warming, then how is it the earth was hotter between 1100 AD - 1300 AD (forgot the year) then it is now? If Al Gore is "trying" to stop it, why does he ride in a jet plane that burns hundreds-thousands of jet fuel in the air...
* It was more like the kid was watching his next meal be used. It is sad that we expose our children to such propaganda. Shame on whoever uses a child in a commercial to make a point that they couldn't prove with theories. There is a word for that. It is cowardice.
* Lawl that was fuckin stupid
* Congradulations you have taught your child to mindlessly serve big government without question or proof. Thats the responsible parenting we need.
* Global warming and cooling are part of the earths natural condition you FUCKING STUPID LIBERAL RETARDED SCUM !!! HUMANS HAVE NOT GOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT YOU STUPID FUCKS !
* You don't have much wisdom at the age of 10. It should be illegal to scare the crap out of kids, let them have their innocents. Go check out the Great Global Warming Swindle documentary is very good.



* Give a 5 star rating.
* Add a positive comment.
* Give a "thumbs down" on a-hole comments.
* Give a "thumbs up" on positive comment.

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