When it comes to subsidies... renewable energy gets the short end of the stick. Perhaps they shouldn't, at least not while oil companies get massive handouts.

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Unless Congress acts this week, spending on food safety will be cut $55 million while Big Oil continues to snatch $8 BILLION+ of our tax dollars annually. What is it that we want, safe food... or dirty oil? If you've got an opinion something like mine, tell Congress to Cut Oil Subsidies.

Image via the Oil Change International and NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) Facebook pages.

A disused and neglected section of rail road track in Atlanta has been given a Green make over. According to the New York Times, not long ago this space was a covered in debris: plastics, bottles and other forms of refuse. Today, this two-mile section of the old rail road has been given a new name, the "East Side Trail."
Two retired US Generals, Lt. Gen. Norm Seip and Brigadier Gen. Steven M. Anderson, recommend urgent action on climate change and a transition to a safer, renewable energy economy... as a matter of National Security. Take a look at their article on Huffington Post.

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Natural gas can be a tempting source of energy, but it's clear that fracking is not the answer to our fuel and energy problems. A report by the U.S. Geological Survey found that water from fracking operations was 3,609 TIMES MORE RADIOACTIVE than the federal limit allowed for drinking water and 300 times more radioactive than a Nuclear Regulatory Commission limit for industrial discharges. Not to mention the trade secret cocktail of chemicals added.

Check out this article on Times Onlines for more information on the dangers that fracking presents to ourselves and our environment.