The next installment in our “Eco-Friendly Transportation Series” features a scooter from one of our Favorite Manufacturer’s, Goped.  You may not know this, but Go-Ped is famous for launching the motorized scooter frenzy nearly twenty years ago.  And today, we are going to focus on the Original California Go-Ped: The Go-ped Sport Gas Scooter.

This American classic was a groundbreaking machine, and it’s still remains timeless and impressive. The Go-Ped Sport is a solid, no frills gas scooter that’s very dependable and effortless to maintain. It's ideal for teens and active adults who expect a  top quality product at a great price.

The Go-Ped GPL290 engine is petite and light weight, yet powerful. It provides smooth, exhilarating acceleration, top-notch hill climbing torque and speeds of up to 22 mph. It has been reconfigured for excellent reliability and fuel economy and is much quieter (neighbor friendly) than Go-Ped's competition racing motors.

Thus far in our “Eco-Friendly Transportation Series” we have been focusing on Go-Ped. Today we decided to feature a different distributer that has also been receiving lots of praise, particularly because of it’s affordability, X-Treme Scooters.

The  X-Treme XG-505 Gas Powered Scooter is our choice for our first X-Treme Product review.  The XG-505 has all of the same features as its electric counterpart, the X-Treme X-500 except the XG-505 is much faster!

X-Treme left no stone unturned when they designed the XG-505, this model has everything a scooter rider could want, including; a 50cc motor, an aluminum billet deck, 10" air filled tough tires, aluminum mag wheels, electric start, front and rear vented disk brakes, and billet head badge aluminum BMX-style gooseneck racing handlebars.

As an extra touch, the X-Treme flame logo is machine engraved right into the aluminum plate deck.

The Go-Ped Riot 46 is the next installment in our “Eco-Friendly Transportation Series.” For those of you who read this blog regularly, this vehicle may look familiar. This is because the Riot 46 is the newer version of the  Go-Ped Riot 29. The Riot 46 dons an upgrade to the power plant and tires.

You'll get a 4.5 HP GP460RS gas powered engine pushing this machine to a top speed of 30 mph. 4" x 11" Carlisle "Badlands" knobby pneumatic tires are standard. The Riot 46 strives to meet the demand from pit bike riders for a high powered, top-quality, very compact, lightweight, economical off-road bike, and we feel that it has surpassed these expectations. And like all of Go-Ped's competition scooters, this baby gets about 60-80 miles per gallon. You will most likely save money while doing your part for reducing emissions. What is not to love?
The Go-Ped Trail Ripper is the next featured product in our “Eco-friendly Transportation Series,” and should be of special interest to our outdoorsy readers.

The Go-Ped Trail Ripper was born to conquer the off-road environment! If you are tired of the daily routine and wish to get out with an environmentally friendly vehicle, then look no further. The Trail Ripper features a ground-breaking suspension system (Cantilevered Independant Dynamic Linkless Indispension) with front and rear swing arms that give the scooter unbelievable flexibility on off-road landscape. The swing arms are made of especially light magnesium and produce a very low unsuspended weight, allowing the wheels to stay in better contact with uneven ground. The effect is outstanding trail riding in addition to handling characteristics.

The design also greatly uncomplicates any maintenance issues. To accommodate a variety of rider skills, weights and preferences, the suspension can be tuned from “plush” to “firm” with its adjustors. These adjusters raise and lower its natural damping characteristics as well.
This next Installment of’s Eco-Friendly Transportation Series. Features the Go-Ped GTR46i Interceptor.

After the wildly popular Go-Ped Trail Ripper hit the scene, scooter aficionados practically begged for a street version. And Go-Ped, not  being one to disappoint, heard their pleas.  Like all of Go-Ped’s competition Scooters, this thing is fast, with speeds up to 30 mph, and the ability to get between 60 - 80 mpg, you won’t miss the old car one bit, should you make the switch.

The Go-Ped GTR46i Interceptor is the street version of the championship-winning Go-Ped Trail Ripper! Alterations include; smooth ride AT Primo Duro Trap aggressive treaded street tires, a new quieter exhaust system, GSR46R 6-76 sprocket drive ratio, and a new kickstand. The GTR46i Interceptor features the (Cantilevered Independant Dynamic Linkless Indispension) suspension system with front and rear swing arms that give the scooter incredible flexibility. The swing arms are made of ultra-light magnesium and produce a very low unsuspended weight, allowing the wheels to stay in better contact with uneven ground. The result is first-rate comfort, riding and handling characteristics.